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A: You can start by reading these: and then download the specific package or PORT that you need. You can download all available ports and most applications available for all the supported version of opensuse. It is up to you what you want to download. You need to be careful of the port and application versions because the application versions depend on the distro versions that they support. Usually the mirrors are not kept updated, but you can always ask for a specific PORT you want or search for it on Google or ask on the Q&A site like this one. Q: Nhibernate Projections - Subselect with child collections I need to create a projection like select S.[Id] ,S.[Name] ,S.[Surname] ,(select D.FullName from Child1 C1 where C1.[Id] = S.[Child1Id]) AS [Child1FullName] from [S] LEFT JOIN [C1] ON S.[Child1Id] = C1.[Id] LEFT JOIN [D] ON C1.[Id] = D.[Child1Id] I cant access the Child1Id since it isn't stored in the mapping file, so i created a query to retrieve the records. But I am getting a HQL exception when creating the projection for the Child1FullName. How can I create such a query with nhibernate? I need the Child1FullName to be returned as a string. A: It's possible to query a child collection without mapping it, but you'll have to do it in a different way. See for a discussion. Or you could use a subselect as a HQL fragment, for example: SELECT S.[Id] ,S.[Name] ,S.[Surname] ,( SELECT D.FullName ac619d1d87

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